Andrea Kellum

"This ebook is the perfect combination of simplicity and skillful knowledge. Danielle explains fitness from a perspective I have never seen before. Her ability to carefully demonstrate key points to help you begin your fitness journey while maintaining the faith based aspect so many others miss is beyond words! This ebook is beautifully written, well planned out and inspiring! It is sure to motivate you to pursuing a healthy lifestyle!"

Andrea Kellum, Business Consultant

Tamera Champan

 I have had the pleasure to watch Danielle transition into her calling and it has been so awesome.  When someone will not bend and break to fit in with what is “new and hot”, you know you have the real deal.  This E-book has enough information for you to start RIGHT NOW.  Danielle starts with being aware.  Awareness is where you can start the change process.  

     I love that she points out the important piece of how unique we are.  It is a waste of time to aim for something you were never meant to be yet Danielle encourages you to “try it on”.  Think about the way you look now and the way your body is and “try on” the idea of the shape you want.  Brilliant Danielle!  Through the story of her own struggle she shares how it is a waste of time to want what you were never created to be and it takes you from the true JOY of being who you are right now.  

     NOT A QUICK FIX!  I love it.  Yes, weight is not a quick fix.  It is a lifestyle.  I know it may seems daunting when reading Danielle’s E book and seeing 9 months to 1 year.  It seems sooo long, right?  She is ON POINT!  A year is going to go by anyway.  Why not be ok with that idea that it will take that long?  Danielle nails it by mentioning that motivation will come and go.  This is so normal and why you need someone in your corner to help you get through the funk and keep on trucking!  


Connie Sportiello

"I really enjoy reading Danielle Elizabeth"s work. Easy to follow, enjoyable, and thorough material. The creativity of the reverse psychology plate is very cool. Can"t wait for the next!"


Faithfully Fit Ebook, Christian Women Fitness

Faithfully Fit Ebook!

The Ultimate Guide To A Sustainable Fit Body!