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Faith-Driven Coaching for Highly Visible Women Entrepreneurs

Who have always wanted to be in phenomenal shape!

You Perform at a High Level!

And you know how important it is to be in top condition - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

Finally, you can leap into the next level and love yourself into amazing shape!

Let's do this!

About Me

From No Self-Control to Fitness Professional

I was a hot mess to say the least! Thankfully, in 2006 I made the choice to turn it all around. I hired a personal trainer and nutritionist and never looked back! 40lbs lighter, with passion and confidence, I began helping others become healthy and fit. 

After I had my first son in 2009, I had weight to lose again, and a bigger goal of competing in a Figure Competition. My transformation was featured on and I won in my first show! Show #2 was the Arnold Amateur, where I placed 2nd in my class, and I won my IFBB Pro Card in my 3rd show! 

How I Became Disciplined

From the very beginning of my transformation, I knew that I not only wanted to lose the weight, but I really wanted to become the woman who ate healthy, exercised and ENJOYED IT! I wanted more than just to look better, I knew that I was going to do big things with my life, and being in peak condition mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually was required.

Now It's Your Turn!

You may never want to get on stage in a posing suit and heels, but you DO want to be your personal best, and being in phenomenal shape is a big part of that.

Unapoligetically Beautiful, Inside and Out!

What exactly does it look like working with me? You will get...

● Current Health and Wellness Assessment, so that we have all of the information we need to get started.

● Goal development, based on your assessment we will develop short term and long term goals so you know exactly where you are going

● Plan - food and exercise, overall wellness: Customized plan that fits your life and will move you towards your goals

● Learn Biblical principles on health, fitness, self-care, how AMAZING you are! etc, so that you have a solid foundation of scripture to anchor yourself to through this process.

● Teach empowering practices to handle the emotional issues that come up, so you do not continue to go in circles and can finally break free of unhealthy habits.

● Identify and release fears, so that you can live in freedom and walk in all ways in love

● Master your skills to maximize your time, health, wellness practices, etc - so you can make the best of the time and resources God has given you so that you can continue to grow into the woman God has created you to be

● Learn how to course correct along the way, so that you can keep going no matter what comes up. Letting go of perfectionism and learning to love yourself anyways, so that you can be free of this perfectionism trap and gain more control over yourself.

● Health and Wellness Reassessment, so that we can see clearly your progress and know where to go from here.

● Create Plan - Health & Wellness. At this point, we will have worked through what works and doesn’t work for you, and we can now create a greater prosperity plan for you health and wellness, so that you can continue living in this healthy lifestyle that is serving you well.

Unapoligetically Beautiful, Insde and Out!


Rooted in God's Love for us!


Personalized workout plan that

 fits you and your life

Plant-Based Nutrition

Nurture your body with life-giving foods!


Train your mind to be a

 positive thinking machine


Grow your discipline muscles so you can make hard work, easy work.


Do it all from and for love <3 



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Consultation + Starter Plan

This is perfect for those of you who just need some guidance and a personalized plan. We cover lifestyle, food, exercise, mindset and habits; and create a unique plan for your success.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Consultation + Your Complete Plan

 + 30 min. weekly calls for 8 Weeks. 

Take accountability to the next level with your personalized plan and weekly 30 min. calls for 8 weeks. 



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Intensive 1:1 Coaching for 12 Weeks

Complete Plan, Weekly 60 Min Calls, 

Unlimited email/text support

This package is for those who are ready and eager to go deep into the complete mind, body and spirit transformation. 

You are a peak performer and you understand how being in peak health is vital for you to live out your purpose! 

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